Tips for effective time management

Tips for effective time management
Here are some tips you can follow manage your time effectively:
Use one calendar: You might want to use one calendar for work and one for your personal life. This can lead to confusion and be difficult to manage, so you might use one calendar for all your activities.
Identify your productivity peak: You can identify when you're most productive and schedule your highest priority task during that time. If your productivity is at its highest in the morning, you can work on your most important responsibility when you wake up to ensure it gets done.
Avoid multitasking: Multitasking may affect your schedule and cause you to spend more time on an activity than what you planned for. You can focus on one task at a time to avoid making mistakes.
Use tools to schedule meetings: Online scheduling systems often have the option to schedule meetings automatically, which can help you save time trying to coordinate schedules with other people.
Filter out distractions: You can determine what distracts you the most and try to filter this out while working. Consider turning off your phone, closing distracting tabs, keeping your workplace clean or investing in noise canceling headphones.
Combine related tasks: You can work on similar tasks during the same time to increase your productivity. Different tasks require different types of thinking, so you can avoid spending time switching back and forth in your thought process by combining related tasks.
Set reminders: Many online calendars have the option to set reminders for your scheduled activities. These reminders can point out you when you need to start or finish a task and keep your schedule on track.
Try to be early: If you aim to be on time, you might be late. Trying to be early can help you deliver projects before or on the deadline and save time by showing up promptly to appointments.

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